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时值新中国成立70周年,国际青年音乐家协会(International Youth Musicians Association e.V.)作为指导单位,贵州音乐节庆祝新中国成立70周年钢琴小提琴大赛启动仪式成功举行,国际青年音乐家协会主席司马健楠特地录影致贺,协会会员廖昊月老师也作为评委嘉宾莅临现场。在此预祝此次大赛成功举办!


                         Opening Ceremony of Guizhou Music Festival 
            " Melodious Music, Blessed Motherland" took place on May 7th

On occasion of 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic China, the opening ceremony of Guizhou Music Festival was successfully held under the conduct of International Youth Musicians Association e.V. The congratulation from president of the International Young Musicians Association Sima Jiannan was showed on the ceremony in form of a short video and expressed his best wished to all the musicians. Association member, Liao Yuyue, also came to the scene as a judge.

Member of the International Young Musicians Association - Liao Haoyue:
Graduated from the Austrian National Graz University of Music and the National Salzburg Mozart University of Music, double master's degree, is now the artistic director of Liao Yiyue Music Studio. Has been invited to participate in the International Music Festival organized by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for young musicians, as the only Asian violinist to perform solo performances in the Golden Hall Vinenna.